By exposing first generation students to financial literacy and college access opportunities we seek to disrupt generational poverty.


We believe that giving students the social capital they need to understand financial management, make good financial decisions, and understand how to build wealth will make a difference for their families and thus their communities. Additionally, we believe that obtaining a college education will create countless opportunities for students who would not otherwise have them. To get there, we must ensure first generation college going students who may not have the support at home have access to the information they need to successfully navigate the college going process. Unfortunately, school counselors are pulled in many directions in their roles and some students, especially first-generation students may slip through the cracks.  We seek the fill the gap of college access information that far too many first-generation college goers experience throughout their educational experience. We believe that exposing them to the college application, financial aid, and selection processes will increase the number of students who are able to go to and get through college. 

Also, of importance to us are social justice issues such as education as a civil right, improving relationships between the police and the community, as well as educating youth of color of their rights and responsibilities as citizens. We will focus a portion of our giving to further these causes and support existing organizations already doing this important work. 


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